Reviews Are In: Spirits Drinkers Love AnestasiA


The results are in from 2013 and we received tons of positive feedback from tastings panels to magazines and blogs. This a roundup of some of those reviews.

The Beverage Testing Institute
International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal & 94 Points
Clear. Aromas of toasted grainy bread and delicate spiced nuts with a silky, off-dry medium body and a crème brulee, mineral, and delicate peppery spice finish. Very nice.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine
This is a good time to try a new premium spirit, AnestasiA Vodka. It’s making a huge splash on the strip and won several gold medals in 2013, including the International Craft Spirits Awards. The sculpted, award-shaped bottle – designed by the prestigious industrial designer Karim Rashid – has won several gold medals too. The vodka is ultra-smooth, American-made, naturally gluten-free, and mixes extremely well with a wide variety of drinks.

Anestasia Vodka is an American liquor distilled in Oregon. The premium spirit is unique in its own right for its artisanal distillation process, and boasts unique packaging as well. The bottle shape and identity were designed last year by industrial designer Karim Rashid, who drew inspiration for the design from the word ‘vodka’ itself, specifically mimicking the hard angles of the letters ‘v’ and ‘k.’ The striking asymmetric bottle, which is constructed using recycled materials, has won multiple awards for packaging design, including the Spark International Design Award and a Gold in the Pentawards Packaging Competition.

Gold Medal Winner
“Multi-faceted in style & spirit, this vodka bottle presents itself as a cool sensation that is sure to satisfy the most refined tastes. Why keep an iceburg mostly below the surface when its full prescence can sit on your table.
-Dan Dittmar (BIC Inc. – USA)

“Karim Rashid selected the crystal to represent the coolness which opposes the power of the vodka. This contrast impresses me very much. Also the beauty of light reflecting on the crystal Anestasia bottle at night illustrates the luxurious touch on the table.”
-Somchana Kangwarnjit (PromptDesign – Thailand)

The vodka also pours with sophistication. Marketing boasts—“ultra-premium!” “gluten-free”—turn out to be unnecessary. As the bottle would lead you to believe, this is excellent vodka. Ukrainian-born distiller Yuliya Mamontova named the vodka for her grandmother, who also manufactured the spirit back in the motherland. Anestasia is made in Bend, Oregon, however, where the combination of clear water from the Cascades and the volcanic soil informs the vodka’s terroir, if you will. (And if terroir can endure after extensive filtering and distilling.) The brand is trumpeting Anestasia’s sweetness, and I concur that it does have a syrupy mouthfeel with a tinge of sweetness, maybe from the corn that’s part of the ingredient list (unless that’s just the power of suggestion). I sipped it after dinner over a giant ice cube, and it did the trick—refreshing, elegant. I also would recommend mixing it with tonic and a hit of citrus, if drinking vodka unfettered isn’t your thing. Or heck, just leave it in that beautiful bottle and gaze at it from across the room.


AnestasiA Vodka in Cigar & Spirits Magazine

AnestasiA Vodka Cameo, Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Cover
AnestasiA Vodka Cameo, Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Page 91

We’re pleased to report more positive press! AnestasiA Vodka is mentioned on page 91 of Cigar & Spirit’s Magazine, this month’s issue with Leanardo Dicaprio on cover. The article, “An Elegant Evening in Sin City,” mentions AnestasiA as the perfect Las Vegas drink to enjoy while watching the famous Bellagio Fountains from the upscale Hyde Lounge.

We suggest viewing the water show at sunset, as the sky turns lavender, while sipping smooth AnestasiA.

Special thanks to writer Brendan Magone for including us in his story.


Spring is (FINALLY) Here! AnestasiA Vodka announces…


Spring is FINALLY here (fingers crossed) and AnestasiA wants to chill in your glass while you soak up the sun. With every new season comes new adventures and discoveries, and we’ve been working on a few developments of our own.

This summer we will introduce our new ultra premium vodka to the world. We believe any true artisan should constantly critique their work in search of creating perfection. It has always been our aim to create the purest, smoothest, and most refreshing vodka ever. We’ve been working diligently to make a spirit that is beyond comparison and now we’re just counting the days before we introduce it to the world.

Distilled 5X through and filtered 5X quartz crystal, AnestasiA Vodka has a balanced bouquet with just the slightest hint of vanilla, a round body and an intensely smooth finish. Of Course, we’ll also be introducing quite a few new signature cocktails to accompany our spirit. However, we feel confident that AnestasiA Vodka will be America’s choice for luxury vodka “on the rocks.”


Anestasia Vodka Celebrates 4th Annual Soho International Film Festival


Tonight, Anestesia Vodka celebrates the 4th annual Soho International Film Festival. The festival kicked off earlier today and will run through April 12. For the second year in a row the event will be hosted at the  Landmark Sunshine Cinema. (143 East Houston)

The event features a wide diversity of independent films by emerging directors around the world. Opening night is being launched with “Billy Gates” a film directed by Jennifer DeLia (an American screenwriter, director, actress, artist who worked on Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”) and Produced by Al Pacino’s daughter Julie Pacino (Poverty Row Entertainment).

We just attended at early viewing of Billy Gates and couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it’s success. Of course, we’ll be hosting the exclusive opening night after-party for Soho International Film Festival.

The real goal of the night will be to see if we can get Al Pacino to say his famous quote from The Godfather III: “Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”

It doubtful, but after a few Anestasia cocktails…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

The Anestasia Vodka EXCLUSIVE After Party will be hosted at ** *****. Look forward to seeing you there!



AnestasiA Celebrates the Oscars at NYC’s Lavo!



Imagine: You’re in one of the most extravagant fine dining and nightlife establishments in New York City. You’re surrounded by Hollywood stars. Massage therapists dressed in cat suits are there to make sure that nobody gets too uptight during the evening. Not to mention, there are beautiful models painted Gold from head to toe who offer to serve your favorite luxury alcohol!

This was the scene at Lavo this past Sunday for the Oscars. Athletes, celebrities, and NYC’s elite socialites came, dressed in black tie and gowns, for a very elegant affair. Each table was adorned with a replica Oscar and AnestasiA was a popular bottle service choice for the diverse crowd.

There’s no better way to watch the Oscars than on multiple large HD screens while the always outspoken Charles Oakley (NY Knicks/Chicago Bulls) is SITTING NEXT YOU AT YOUR TABLE! Unfortunately, his comments  during the affair are CLASSIFIED. lol

We also ran into Cuba Gooding Jr. but we couldn’t convince him to reenact the last scene of “Men of Honor.” Maybe next time…

Kanye West was not in attendance. Just in case you were wondering.


AnestasiA Vodka’s Search for Sensational Sushi

It’s important to know what delicacies pair well with your favorite cocktail. We’ve discovered that Sushi is an excellent dance partner for our signature mojito.

AnestasiA Mojito

2 oz. Anestasia
1/2 lime, cut into 6 wedges
1.5 tbs lime juice
2 tbs torn mint juice
5 oz. honey or agave syrup
4 oz. club soda
Fresh mint sprig (optional)
Lime wedge (optional)


But the only thing more embarrassing than drinking a poorly crafted mojito, is taking your 4 Star date to eat C Grade Sushi. These sins (and blasphemy, of course) are UNFORGIVABLE.

Fortunately for New Yorkers, there are countless options when it comes to enjoying this delicious Japanese cuisine. But who has time to explore every nook and cranny of the city? We’ve done you a favor (You’re Welcome) and started the search ourselves.

The spirits led us to the historic district of NoHo. At 6 Bond St, between Shinbone Alley & Lafayette St, humbly sits a diamond in the rough – Bond St Restaurant. Each level of the 3 story establishment is appropriately curated to create a unique atmosphere that elevates your dining moods. From intimate to festive, each level reflects the elegance and sophistication that one would hope is possessed by the resident Itamae (skilled Sushi Chef).

But let’s not forget why we came – THE SUSHI. There are number of selections we enjoy BUT you absolutely must try the 6 Bond, a mouth watering display of decadence featuring Otoro-Fresh Wasabi, Shima Aji-Chili Radish, Fluke-Ume Shiso, Salmon-Kelp, Sweet  Shrimp-Caviar, and Seasonal Shellfish.

If your diet demands that you sacrifice the sacred flesh of cows, the New York Strip Steak (BONDST Potato Dice, Caramelized Shallot Teriyaki, 12 year old Balsamic) is definitely worth the karmic price.


AnestasiA Vodka in Jan 2013 Bar Business Magazine.

AnestasiA Vodka was recently featured in Jan 2013 Bar Business Magazine.

“Distinctive tasting experience is at the core of new brand hitting market, AnestasiA Vodka which is reffered to as a “sensational spirit” for a reason. AnestasiA pleasantly tingles the consumer’s mouth, reducing the bitterness of the alcohol, via patent-pending formulation consisting of naturally occurring essences.”

babusiness babusiness2



AnestasiA Vodka sponsors Wanderlust White party

A wonderful cooling wintery white evening at Mister H in the Mondrian Soho celebrating the launch of with AnestasiA Vodka

WanderLust Girls Party with AnestasiA Vodka at Mister H WanderLust Girls Party with AnestasiA Vodka at Mister H

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Happy New 2013 to everyone from AnestasiA team!




AnestasiA Vodka’s is featured in January Food and Drink

Although Mamontova respects the traditions of her family and others who have gone before her, she has very different ideas when it comes to the drink. “Looking at the market for vodka, I knew there was a place for something new,” she says. “Everything out there was kind of the same, and there was no added experience. I love to have fun, drink and enjoy life, and I like vodka, but wanted something new and exciting.”

Mamontova four years ago set out to create a new vodka she feels will excite – and maybe even shock – those who partake of the spirit as a mixer or straight. The result of her quest, AnestasiA Sensational Spirit vodka, launched in October 2012 and can be found in specialty liquor stores in New York as well as online.

AnestasiA Vodka is owned by Numbrands Inc., the company Mamontova co-founded in 2008 for the express purpose of developing and marketing the vodka. Mamontova and her partner financed a large portion of the company with their own money, as well as through investors.


Everything about AnestasiA is unique compared to what most people expect from vodka. First and foremost is the taste – as vodka is not aged like other alcoholic beverages, people drinking it straight commonly experience a burning sensation. AnestasiA, however, goes down more easily.

AnestasiA Vodka is made from a formula developed by food scientists that reduces the burn inherent in alcohol, especially vodka, making it more pleasant to consume,” Mamontova says. This gives it a distinct tingling or cooling sensation some drinkers have likened to mint, though it does not contain menthol.

The vodka is produced not in Ukraine, Sweden or other countries known for it, but instead in Bend, Ore., using locally grown organic corn, Cascade Mountain spring water and other natural ingredients. AnestasiA Vodka is distilled five times and also filtered five times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock. It is a naturally gluten-free beverage, Mamontova notes.

“We pay a lot of attention to quality control,” she adds. “We go to the distillery in Oregon every time they make a new batch to taste it.”

Mamontova felt AnestasiA Vodka could only be contained in a package befitting its experimental nature. Numbrands contacted Karim Rashid to design its bottle, which has several glass panels, giving it a faceted look.

The bottle, manufactured in Italy from more than 40 percent recycled glass, also is shaped in a manner that makes it easy to grab and pour. “Because the product is so unique, we wanted the bottle to reflect that,” she adds. “We really wanted something that stood out in both a bar and a store.”

Mamontova says Karim Rashid, who operates a studio in New York City and has 3,000 designs and 400 awards to his credit, “loved” the idea behind the product and is also a minor shareholder in the brand.


Mamontova knows AnestasiA Vodka may take some getting used to for drinkers used to traditional vodkas, but likens it to carbonation, another development that initially shocked but later delighted consumers. Numbrands is already seeing a positive response locally as well as from unexpected places such as Canada and the Dominican Republic, she says. Plans are under way to gradually increase distribution.

AnestasiA Vodka distinctive tingling sensation makes it not just a good choice for a shot or to consume straight, but also as a palate-cleansing after-dinner drink. Its potential in mixed drinks – such as with a mojito or even Sprite – is also large. “Bartenders like it because it gives them a whole new realm of experimentation,” Mamontova adds.

At $39 for a 750-milliliter bottle, AnestasiA Vodka also is reasonably priced. “We are a premium product, but believe we offer added value,” Mamontova says. “We’re not just another vodka in a pretty bottle – we give an added experience to the consumer and our bottle is something people will want to hold on to after it’s empty.”

newsensation ood