Reviews Are In: Spirits Drinkers Love AnestasiA


The results are in from 2013 and we received tons of positive feedback from tastings panels to magazines and blogs. This a roundup of some of those reviews.

The Beverage Testing Institute
International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal & 94 Points
Clear. Aromas of toasted grainy bread and delicate spiced nuts with a silky, off-dry medium body and a crème brulee, mineral, and delicate peppery spice finish. Very nice.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine
This is a good time to try a new premium spirit, AnestasiA Vodka. It’s making a huge splash on the strip and won several gold medals in 2013, including the International Craft Spirits Awards. The sculpted, award-shaped bottle – designed by the prestigious industrial designer Karim Rashid – has won several gold medals too. The vodka is ultra-smooth, American-made, naturally gluten-free, and mixes extremely well with a wide variety of drinks.

Anestasia Vodka is an American liquor distilled in Oregon. The premium spirit is unique in its own right for its artisanal distillation process, and boasts unique packaging as well. The bottle shape and identity were designed last year by industrial designer Karim Rashid, who drew inspiration for the design from the word ‘vodka’ itself, specifically mimicking the hard angles of the letters ‘v’ and ‘k.’ The striking asymmetric bottle, which is constructed using recycled materials, has won multiple awards for packaging design, including the Spark International Design Award and a Gold in the Pentawards Packaging Competition.

Gold Medal Winner
“Multi-faceted in style & spirit, this vodka bottle presents itself as a cool sensation that is sure to satisfy the most refined tastes. Why keep an iceburg mostly below the surface when its full prescence can sit on your table.
-Dan Dittmar (BIC Inc. – USA)

“Karim Rashid selected the crystal to represent the coolness which opposes the power of the vodka. This contrast impresses me very much. Also the beauty of light reflecting on the crystal Anestasia bottle at night illustrates the luxurious touch on the table.”
-Somchana Kangwarnjit (PromptDesign – Thailand)

The vodka also pours with sophistication. Marketing boasts—“ultra-premium!” “gluten-free”—turn out to be unnecessary. As the bottle would lead you to believe, this is excellent vodka. Ukrainian-born distiller Yuliya Mamontova named the vodka for her grandmother, who also manufactured the spirit back in the motherland. Anestasia is made in Bend, Oregon, however, where the combination of clear water from the Cascades and the volcanic soil informs the vodka’s terroir, if you will. (And if terroir can endure after extensive filtering and distilling.) The brand is trumpeting Anestasia’s sweetness, and I concur that it does have a syrupy mouthfeel with a tinge of sweetness, maybe from the corn that’s part of the ingredient list (unless that’s just the power of suggestion). I sipped it after dinner over a giant ice cube, and it did the trick—refreshing, elegant. I also would recommend mixing it with tonic and a hit of citrus, if drinking vodka unfettered isn’t your thing. Or heck, just leave it in that beautiful bottle and gaze at it from across the room.


Vodka Rated 94 “Exceptional” from BTI

We’re honored to win our second premium award from BTI, Beverage Tasting Institute. Last year we won “Best Bottle“.

This year we received an extremely high ranking of 94 points — “Exceptional” — regarding our vodka itself. We outscored nearly all our peers, including Chopin, Purity, Belvedere, Ketel One, Ciroc, Double Cross, and ZING.

AnestasiA Vodka Scores 94 BTI Exceptional



3rd Gold Medal

BTI Gold Medal For AnestasiA VodkaWe’ve been awarded a third Gold Medal and “Exceptional Rating 94″ from, International Review of Spirits. Alas we didn’t prepare a speech. We will just keep making gold medal vodka in a luxury bottle!   Cheers

Gold Medal, AnestasiA Vodka, International Review of Spirits


Gold Pentaward 2013

Another Gold Award! Special thanks to Karim Rashid.

AnestasiA Vodka, Gold Pentaward, Entrant Karim Rashid


2013 Gold Medal Winner – International Craft Spirits Awards

AnestasiA Vodka Gold Medal AwardWe’re honored to be given a 2013 Gold Medal in the International Craft Spirits Awards Competition for our premium AnestasiA Vodka!