AnestasiA Vodka in Cigar & Spirits Magazine

AnestasiA Vodka Cameo, Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Cover
AnestasiA Vodka Cameo, Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Page 91

We’re pleased to report more positive press! AnestasiA Vodka is mentioned on page 91 of Cigar & Spirit’s Magazine, this month’s issue with Leanardo Dicaprio on cover. The article, “An Elegant Evening in Sin City,” mentions AnestasiA as the perfect Las Vegas drink to enjoy while watching the famous Bellagio Fountains from the upscale Hyde Lounge.

We suggest viewing the water show at sunset, as the sky turns lavender, while sipping smooth AnestasiA.

Special thanks to writer Brendan Magone for including us in his story.


AskMen Suggest AnestasiA Vodka for Holiday Gift

Happy Holidays from AnestasiA Vodka! You still have time to pick out the perfect gift for family and friends. Why not make it easy on yourself and choose luxury and good taste? Our vodka. We’re happy to see AskMen recently put AnestasiA Vodka in their wish list and Holiday Gift Guide 2013.

AskMen Article Link   AskMen Gift Guide

AnestasiA Vodka, Ask Men Gift Guide 2013

Also note, the common misspelling for AnestasiA Vodka is Anastasia Vodka. Anastasia Vodka is nearly correct, except the third letter actually has an E, AnestasiA Vodka. Either way you spell it, our vodka is smooth, luxurious, American-made, and gluten-free!


Yahoo Homes Mention

Karim Rashid constantly creates amazing designs. Yahoo Homes recently mentioned his work and then our bottle. We believe people are at their best when they create—create art, create change, create life, create friends, create shape form words color and movement. We’ve created a new American luxury vodka. We’ve also created a new idea—bringing luxury back to American creators and manufacturers. What do you create in your life? We would love to hear about your creations—leave a comment at your convenience!

AnestasiA_Vodka,_Yahoo_Homes Mention




They say any press is good press, but we keep getting great press! Many thanks to PSFK for this positive coverage.

PSFK, AnestasiA Vodka, American Luxury



Archetypes Article

Some kind words from Archetypes. We’re honored to be receiving all kinds of positive press lately!
Archetypes_Article, AnestasiA Vodka,_Snapshot


In Touch Weekly

We have some cool cameos inside In Touch Weekly, Sept 9th and Sept 16th issues. Pictures below. You can see DJs Nick Cannon & Travie McCoy posing with AnestasiA Vodka, or celebrity Jenny McCarthy talking about us. Quote:  “Jenny McCarthy loves AnestasiA cocktails!” And the AnestasiA ”Moonman Mule” cocktail made Drink of the Week. If you visit our YouTube Channel, you can see a quick video of Nick Cannon DJing with the AnestasiA Vodka bottle on his console. AnestasiA Vodka YouTube
In Touch Magazine, DJ Nick Cannon, AnestasiA Vodka

In Touch Magazine, AnestasiA Vodka, Moonman Mule Drink of the Week  In Touch Magazine, AnestasiA Vodka Bottle Service



Las Vegas Buzz

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Casino Journal
“Vodka enthusiasts and mixologists welcomed the Las Vegas introduction of AnestasiA Vodka, a new handcrafted, American-made,
ultra-premium spirit. The gluten-free vodka housed in an innovative bottle designed by famed Karim Rashid has quickly been welcomed with open arms and shelves.”

Read More:

Review Journal:  “If you blinked and all of a sudden are seeing Anestasia Vodka everywhere, you’re not alone. The newish Bend, Ore.-made brand entered the Las Vegas market with a bang, as it’s sold in almost 30 stores and is available in nightlife venues such as Tao and Lavo. Created by a woman named Mamontova who hails from a long line of Ukrainian vodka distillers, the brand is carried at a blend of big-name Las Vegas retailers and mom and pop shops.”

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Perrier Cocktail Recipe: Soirée de Mode

Societe Perrier, AnestasiA Vodka More good press! We’re happy lots of people are writing about us lately. We’ll keep pouring premium vodka from a beautiful bottle. We hope you’ll keep buying American-made luxury.


AnestasiA Vodka Helps Sponsor VMA 2013 After Party

VMA 2013

AnestasiA provided over 30 cases of premium luxury vodka to keep the 2013 VMA After Party flowing. In Touch Magazine mentions us:

Video below, VMA Nick Cannon DJing with Anestasia Vodka:


Dujour Magazine

Dujour Magazine just featured AnestasiA Vodka. Take a look!

AnestasiA Vodka Featured in Dujour Magazine