Coterie Boutique, Downtown Las Vegas

We’ve discovered another hip, artistic place to do vodka tastings in Las Vegas—Coterie Boutique in the old downtown. Though the “old downtown” is fast becoming the new, renovated downtown, with all kinds of funky fun spots to hang out in.

The Coterie Boutique is right across the street from Insert Coin (a retro joint with old school video games). Hipster shopping mixed with luxury vodka tasting? Sounds like a sweet match to us!  Here are a few pictures from last Thursday night. Las Vegas ladies—you should swing by Coterie and take a look.

AnestasiA Vodka Tasting, Coterie Boutique, Downtown Las Vegas

Inside Coterie Boutique, Downtown Las Vegas, AnestasiA Vodka Tasting

AnestasiA Vodka Tasting, Coterie Boutique, Downtown Las Vegas

Clothes racks at Coterie boutique, Downtown Las Vegas

AnestasiA Vodka on shelf, Coterie boutique, Las Vegas downtown

Coterie Mannequin, Downtown Las Vegas

AnestasiA Vodka Tasting, Las Vegas Downtown, Coterie Boutique

Shopping & Vodka, Coterie & AnestasiA, Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas, Coterie Boutique, AnestasiA Luxury Vodka




AnestasiA Vodka, Geisha House Summerlin

Geisha House Bar, AnestasiA Vodka, Las Vegas  Geisha House, AnestasiA Vodka, Las Vegas  DJ Brandon Nusbaum, Geisha House Las Vegas, AnestasiA Vodka

Table-AnestasiA-Vodka-Bottle-Geisha-House-Las-Vegas  AnestasiA Vodka Bottle, DJ Table, Geisha House Las Vegas  AnestasiA Vodka, Mixology Contest, Geisha House Las Vegas

AnestasiA Vodka continues its strong splash in Las Vegas!

Last Thursday evening AnestasiA participated in Geisha House festivities. Geisha House Steak & Seafood is a new top shelf restaurant on Flamingo & 215. It’s located in the plaza near Las Vegas Athletic Club.

The Geisha House—along with serving yummy sushi and juicy cuts of steak—plays host to various mixology and bartending contests, including an occasional live DJ and hookah. We enjoyed unagi, ebi, and tuna on scrumptious sushi rolls, while Brandon Nusbaum spun tunes and various bartenders performed tricks, stunts, and mixed-poured-splashed tasty concoctions.

Summerlin is proving to be a festive swank suburb of Vegas. New classy establishments are popping up every month, and you definitely want to drop by Geisha House.

You should also pour yourself some AnestasiA Vodka very soon. It’s smooth, it’s premium, it’s made in America, and the bottle looks like MOMA artwork. Even more, the CEO is female! Isn’t it nice to see some Yin to the traditional Yang? Cheers

AnestasiA Vodka, Ladies on Red Couch, Geisha House, Summerlin Las Vegas  AV-DJ-Geisha  Geisha House Bar, AnestasiA Vodka, Las Vegas


AnestasiA Vodka at Liquor Library

Group of girls, AnestasiA Vodka Tasting, Liquor Library Las Vegas
We’ve been holding weekly tastings at the Liquor Library in Las Vegas Airport, LAS. A wide variety of Vegas visitors have loved our product. Las Vegas Top Picks covered one of the tastings with a write-up and slideshow, please visit the link below.



AnestasiA Vodka, Lee’s Liquor Store, 33 Year Anniversary

AnestasiA Vodka at Lees Liquor Store, 33 Year Anniversary, Las Vegas

What a fun tasting at Lee’s! They were celebrating 33 years of good business in Las Vegas. AnestasiA Vodka helped.