Bottle Design by Karim Rashid

Here’s another interesting article describing Karim Rashid’s design process when he created our bottle.

We were thrilled he took on our project—and have been pleased with the results since day one. We believe it resembles an award, a work of art, something that helps define the new standard of American luxury, akin to our smooth premium vodka. We hope you agree!

AnestasiA Vodka, Bottle Design by Karim Rashid

AnestasiA Vodka Bottles, Designed by Karim Rashid

AnestasiA Vodka, Premium American Luxury, Bottle Design by Karim Rashid

We’re also pleased that Las Vegas Top Picks continues to connect with our vision, and write about us:

Las Vegas Top Picks has our vodka under both the Sunlight and Starlight sections. We imagine that’s because you can enjoy AnestasiA with either sunlight or starlight… :)

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