AnestasiA Vodka on shelf, Coterie boutique, Las Vegas downtown

For Fun – Ten Anastasias We Know

  Our favorite Anastasia is, of course, the one you spell with an “e”, then a capital A at the end, as in AnestasiA Vodka. But there are lots of fun Anastasias out there, and we thought we should pay quick tribute to a name exceedingly rich in history, culture, and even popular culture. 1. 1997 […]

Holiday Scene

AskMen Suggest AnestasiA Vodka for Holiday Gift

  Happy Holidays from AnestasiA Vodka! You still have time to pick out the perfect gift for family and friends. Why not make it easy on yourself and choose luxury and good taste? Our vodka. We’re happy to see AskMen recently put AnestasiA Vodka in their wish list and Holiday Gift Guide 2013. AskMen Article […]


Happy Halloween!

Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog…

AnestasiA Vodka, Bottle Design by Karim Rashid

Bottle Design by Karim Rashid

Here’s another interesting article describing Karim Rashid’s design process when he created our bottle. We were thrilled he took on our project—and have been pleased with the results since day one. We believe it resembles an award, a work of art, something that helps define the new standard of American luxury, akin to our smooth […]

WEimport, Australia, AnestasiA Vodka

WEimport Australia, First Pallet

Now that AnestasiA has created an American luxury vodka, places are importing us! Italy imports us and now Australia. We’re honored that WEimport recently imported their first pallet. Cheers Australia!         

Fifty Shades of Grey, Erotic Romance Novel, Characters Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele

Fifty Shades of Vodka?

We’ve discovered another Anastasia out there, Anastasia Steele, the female literary character in Fifty Shades of Grey. Of course, our AnestasiA has an “e” in the middle, but Anestasia and Anastasia are often mistakenly swapped when spelling them in online searches. There’s already the Russian Princess Anastasia Nikolaevna as well as the 1997 Fox movie Anastasia. Rumor has […]

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna

AnestasiA Vodka vs Anastasia

    We should note, AnestasiA Vodka is sometimes misspelled AnastasiA Vodka, with four A’s instead of three. There are a variety of Anastasias out there, for example, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russian history. Then, the 1997 animated Disney film “Anastasia” about her story – AnastasiA Vodka is nearly correct in that it contains […]