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“Vodka enthusiasts and mixologists welcomed the Las Vegas introduction of AnestasiA Vodka, a new handcrafted, American-made,
ultra-premium spirit. The gluten-free vodka housed in an innovative bottle designed by famed Karim Rashid has quickly been welcomed with open arms and shelves.”

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Review Journal:  “If you blinked and all of a sudden are seeing Anestasia Vodka everywhere, you’re not alone. The newish Bend, Ore.-made brand entered the Las Vegas market with a bang, as it’s sold in almost 30 stores and is available in nightlife venues such as Tao and Lavo. Created by a woman named Mamontova who hails from a long line of Ukrainian vodka distillers, the brand is carried at a blend of big-name Las Vegas retailers and mom and pop shops.”

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