Anestasia Vodka Celebrates 4th Annual Soho International Film Festival


Tonight, Anestesia Vodka celebrates the 4th annual Soho International Film Festival. The festival kicked off earlier today and will run through April 12. For the second year in a row the event will be hosted at the  Landmark Sunshine Cinema. (143 East Houston)

The event features a wide diversity of independent films by emerging directors around the world. Opening night is being launched with “Billy Gates” a film directed by Jennifer DeLia (an American screenwriter, director, actress, artist who worked on Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”) and Produced by Al Pacino’s daughter Julie Pacino (Poverty Row Entertainment).

We just attended at early viewing of Billy Gates and couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it’s success. Of course, we’ll be hosting the exclusive opening night after-party for Soho International Film Festival.

The real goal of the night will be to see if we can get Al Pacino to say his famous quote from The Godfather III: “Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”

It doubtful, but after a few Anestasia cocktails…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

The Anestasia Vodka EXCLUSIVE After Party will be hosted at ** *****. Look forward to seeing you there!



  1. Вот это пост! Сильно. Спасибо.

  2. Распечатываю… на стенку в самое видное место!

  3. Не блог, а поток хороших новостей. Как у вас так получается?

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